Professional Whitening technology

The hassle of going to a dentist’s office, going through the stress of the visit, and then paying upwards of $500 for teeth whitening is a process none of us enjoy. Unfortunately, a lack of professional quality alternative options leave many of us wondering if we have no other choice.

Why Purean?

30 Min Treatment

Easy to Use


Remove Stains

Professional Whitening technology

PUREAN Teeth Whitening Kit combines patented PRO+ LED Light and specially designed whitening gel formula provides a comfortable, at-home teeth whitening experience using the same whitening technology used by dentists.

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You shouldn’t have to go to the dentist and spend hundreds

of dollars to get the smile you want. 

Over 100.000+ New Smiles

“Seems like it's been working so far..have used it about 5 times and definitely noticing less staining."

Lou All Reviews

Over 100.000+ New Smiles

“Amazing product! Works perfect. Affordable!” 

Tevin Lee All reviews

Over 100.000+ New Smiles

“Easy to use, can see results almost immediately, highly recommend!” 

Tyler All Reviews

Over 100.000+ New Smiles

“It works great I love this teeth whitening save me alot of money.” 

Laura Bray All Reviews