Share your smile and get a reward!

By promoting Purean products you are eligible to get the same product for free!
In order to take part in our promotion “Share your smile!”, you need to send us message on Facebook or or e-mail and provide:

- valid order number (if you received the product as a gift, check the order number with the person who gave you the gift)

- a link to your social media post which must contain a photo with you and our product
(example: )

- desired shipping address (unfortunately we're not able to ship to P.O. Boxes, APO boxes)

By participating in the promotion, you agree to the following rules:

- the terms of the promotion are subject to change at any time

- we reserve the right to deny your receipt of a reward without providing a reason

- you give up all claims and disputes

- the content you created, for which you were rewarded, can be used for marketing purposes



- Where do I get the order number?

If you placed an order on Amazon, you can find the order number at (log-in required):

If you ordered on our website, you can find the order number here:

- My order contained several different products, or several items from Purean.

You will only be shipped one item of your choice.